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Experience the benefits of Activator-aided chiropractic adjustments in Medina, OH, by working with Dr. Brian Pajevic of Life Force Chiropractic.

What Are Activator-Aided Chiropractic Adjustments?

Plenty of people are familiar with chiropractic adjustments. Those are the adjustments chiropractors administer to correct misalignments along the musculoskeletal system. You may also know them as those adjustments chiropractors use that generate the popping noises.

Manually administered chiropractic adjustments can deliver stellar results. They excel at providing pain relief, releasing tension inside the body, and improving flexibility.

Despite how effective those spinal adjustments are, not everyone is comfortable receiving them. They are wary of how the spinal adjustments look and sound and would prefer a gentler introduction to chiropractic care.

If that’s the case, you can receive Activator-aided chiropractic adjustments instead.

For those unfamiliar with the Activator, it’s a handheld instrument chiropractors use to perform spinal adjustments. Integrating the Activator into treatment allows the chiropractor to accomplish a few important things.

First off, the Activator is known for delivering low-impact force whenever it’s in use. The ability to complete low-impact adjustments is central to the appeal of the Activator. People may prefer Activator-aided adjustments because they are gentler on the body.

Others may specifically seek out Activator-assisted spinal adjustments because they provide targeted impact. If certain parts of your body are still hurting, you may not want to expose them to the force of chiropractic adjustments. The Activator device prevents that from happening by applying force only to the targeted areas.

Activator-assisted spinal adjustments could be the perfect entry points for your journey into chiropractic care. Request them during your next visit to the chiropractor and experience what they’re all about.

Receive Activator-aided chiropractic adjustments in Medina, OH, from Dr. Pajevic of Life Force Chiropractic.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using Activator-Aided Chiropractic Adjustments?

Similar to regular chiropractic adjustments, the ones aided by the Activator instrument can address various conditions.

Chief among those conditions is neck pain. Your chiropractor can use the Activator to stimulate and mobilize your cervical spine. By doing so, they can promote healing within that part of your body and correct misalignments.

The same treatment method can also have positive effects on your back. If you’ve been dealing with back pain or tightness lately, you can count on your chiropractor addressing that using Activator-assisted adjustments.

The benefits of chiropractic adjustments that feature the Activator extend to your extremities. Expect the lingering pain and stiffness in your extremities to dissipate after your chiropractor uses the Activator. You may also regain strength in your extremities if they were compromised by injuries.

Try Activator-assisted chiropractic adjustments in Medina, OH, after calling 330-435-8630 and setting an appointment with Dr. Pajevic of Life Force Chiropractic.


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